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Wealth Through Stories LIVE!

Why are Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches & Authors not using the most powerful tool they have to impact lives and put money in their pocket?  What’s the missing piece?

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At Wealth Through Stories LIVE
you will Discover & Experience:

  • check_circleThe ease to finding & using stories to connect with your audience.
  • check_circleThe confidence of knowing you have a story that others want to hear.
  • check_circleThe power of using story to engage others rather than drive them away.
  • check_circleThe simplicity to find and create a story that grabs attention.
  • check_circleThe courage to tell your powerful story in 2 minutes or less.
  • check_circleThe secret to transitioning your audience to a deeper level.
  • check_circleThe clarity to communicate your story so others learn quicker & remember more.
  • check_circleThe simple keys to building instant trust and credibility with someone you have never met.
  • check_circleThe empowerment of knowing your story could impact more lives than you ever imagined.
  • check_circleThe tools to uncover the money in your message & quickly put $ back into your pocket.


“When I needed to revamp my story, I chose to work with Linda Olson. Linda’s coaching and support helped me transform my 25-minute story to a 6-minute story, something I wasn’t able to achieve for years. This enables me to say yes to more stages which leads to more income and more impact. Thanks Linda for working so closely with me on preparing an inspirational story that can change the lives of many people.”

Iman Aghay
International Expert Speaker, Ultimate Course Formula


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